Myles Taste

Project Coordinator

Community engagement is no foreign concept to Myles Taste. A South Carolina native, Myles has always possessed strong roots within the Columbia community. He prides himself in his ability to actively listen and engage with his fellow citizens both in and outside of the work environment and looks forward to actively engaging the clients of NP Strategy.

Myles is a graduate of the University of Alabama Honors College and received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science accompanied by a minor in Journalism and Creative Media. He has a passion for developing ways to fuse the world of politics and communications into one cohesive unit.

While at Alabama, Myles played an active role in the Student Government Association and served as director of the President’s Council during its inaugural year. Additionally, he published numerous articles as a featured writer for the student newspaper, The Crimson White.

When he’s not busy doing research for NP Strategy clients or fine-tuning a talking point, you can find Myles playing a doubles match of tennis at Wilde Wood Country Club or volunteering at the First Nazareth Baptist Church food pantry.

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