Angela Rogers

Media Relations Coordinator

Angela Rogers is an energetic go-getter from the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Raised in the heart of Minneapolis, she thrives in the fast pace of a metropolitan and in true Minnesota Nice spirit loves striking up conversation with strangers on the street. Which is one reason she was so successful in her reporting career. Grabbing a quick interview was never a problem for Angela as she grew up always being a talker, but learned to be an even better listener. Angela was able to quickly adapt to the snow-less South Carolina weather and dive into many communities here to tell their unique stories.

After spending half a decade in journalism Angela decided it was time to set her sights on new horizons. Angela always loves a new and exciting challenge. She began her career behind the camera as a studio technician in Des Moines, Iowa and worked her way up the totem pole to morning producer, multi-media journalist, and eventually senior reporter at ABC Columbia. As a reporter, Angela was always asking the tough questions whether the story was on a probe at the statehouse or charges indicting former county solicitors. However, she thrived telling people’s personal stories; from the heartache of losing a young teen to gun violence or the hardships of hundreds of families being evacuated from their low-income housing, to dozens of dogs being rescued from hurricanes by good samaritans.

Angela excels at creating precise messages (either a minute thirty or 140 characters) that will resonate with people to drive action. She realizes a little compassion can go a long way, especially in the professional world. Angela strives to find purpose and meaning with everything she works on to encourage her team and her community to aspire to do better as well. She uses her personable, authentic approach to build strong community ties and gain the trust of the community she’s serving.

A typical millennial, Angela is glued to her phone and constantly multi-tasking. Angela is a fast talker but an even faster typer. Friends often compare her to Firecracker Shrimp, standing at exactly 5 feet tall, she can still pack a fiery punch! In Angela’s free time you will mostly catch her at the beach or doing something with her fur-baby, Cooper (named after Anderson Cooper).

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