Taylor Kearns May 12, 2020

Video as an Ongoing Investment

The Hollywood film industry runs on a system of expectations, standards and edicts that are probably pretty dissimilar from the work you or your company does here at home. There…

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Leighton Lord April 29, 2020

Put Empathy into Action

Empathy is a key element of emotional intelligence – the connection between self and others. We’re all seeing the power of empathy in dramatic ways during the COVID-19 crisis; from…

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April 14, 2020

What’s ‘the Buzz’ with SC Business?

Today’s dominating business buzzwords are a little different today than what we might have thought they’d be a few months ago. “Uncertain times;” “a new normal;” etc. Through a new…

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April 9, 2020

NP Strategy, Former SC Revenue Director Launch Economic Development Podcast

In the midst of historic economic uncertainty, two-time South Carolina Revenue Director Burnet “Burnie” Maybank will host weekly conversations with South Carolina’s top business leaders to talk economic development and…

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Heather Matthews, Casey Watson April 9, 2020

NP Strategy Conducts Educational Webinars During COVID-19

During this unprecedented time, NP Strategy is committed to helping organizations be innovative and thoughtful as they adjust to the new normal and prepare for brighter days ahead. We are…

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