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Kara Gormley Meador October 28, 2020 in

Compassionate Communication

While my home base is no longer a cubical inside a television newsroom where eight monitors blast shows from all of the major networks 24/7, it’s hard to ignore that…

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Joshua Simelton October 23, 2020 in

How You Can Reach Your Customers on Social Media

You may be wondering, “How can I reach and retain my customers outside of traditional norms?” The simple answer, though it can be complex to navigate, is social media. In…

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Jesica Johnson Mackey October 20, 2020 in

Jesica Johnson Mackey Selected to Become Riley Fellow

Jesica Johnson Mackey of NP Strategy joins other distinguished leaders from across South Carolina to participate in the Diversity Leaders Initiative (DLI), an award-winning program of Furman University’s Riley Institute…

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Heather Matthews October 13, 2020 in

Do you react or respond?

Do you react or respond?  That question felt like a stab to my heart and almost made me fall off the treadmill one evening.  Why? Because in the heat of…

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Jean Cecil Frick September 24, 2020 in

How to Maximize Client Relationships through Feedback

When thinking about client feedback, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the possibilities; perhaps this is why we often wait until the end of a project to solicit feedback. But…

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