NP Strategy is skilled at navigating a crisis. Our team has helped organizations shape their message – from employees testing positive, to suspending operations, we are here to help you respond quickly. See examples below of not only how we have responded, but how we’ve helped our clients respond. Contact Heather Matthews at or (803) 331-3249 if we can help you.


Kara Gormley Meador July 10, 2020

3 Tips to Ensure Your Pandemic Media Pitch Doesn’t Strike Out

One of the most striking differences during these times is comparing how broadcast news looked before the pandemic, versus what it looks like today. Television anchors are disseminating information from…

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Jesica Johnson Mackey July 10, 2020

Maintain Your Internal Communication During COVID-19 with These 3 Tips

Effective and regular communication during COVID-19 is a must for any organization. As COVID-19 changes the daily operations of organizations, so should your communication efforts. Not just your external communications…

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Heather Matthews June 22, 2020

COVID Positive Employees: How to communicate with stakeholders

If you are a business serving the public you know this all too well: there is no playbook for navigating COVID-19.  You are making decisions daily, with new information and…

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Amanda Loveday June 17, 2020

5 Steps to a Great Virtual Event

The new world we currently live in is changing a lot of what we do and how we do it. We are no longer just matching outfits before we head…

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Taking The Pulse: a Health Care Podcast - Interview with Dr. Linda Bell

Matthew & Heather dive in with South Carolina's epidemiologist Dr. Linda Bell to discuss COVID-19's stronghold in South Carolina. Tune in as we discuss the upward trend in positive cases, why we've seen that trend, where testing and vaccines stand, and MUCH more. Dr. Bell reinforces best practices for preventative safety and her recommendations for all South Carolinians.

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Taking The Pulse: a Health Care Podcast - Interview with South Carolina State Representative Murrell Smith

For ep. 10 of Taking the Pulse, Heather + Matthew sat down with Representative Murrell Smith to discuss COVID-19's impact at the statehouse - everything from how the legislature has (and will) manage the pandemic, to its impact on the state's budget, Medicaid in S.C., and much more. We discuss a few pieces of legislation that are currently in motion (like liability protection) and the status of S.C. schools returning in the fall. We dive into all that and MUCH more - listen now!

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