Laurens County Health Care System

The Opportunity

A local public hospital must adapt to the changes in health care by successfully merging with a larger health care provider. Hospital leaders turn to NP Strategy to introduce the concept to the public and the employees in a way that eases fears and builds confidence in the impending change.

The Strategy

We carefully crafted messages designed to educate and persuade, and delivered them in a measured, methodical way to key audiences. The messages were aligned at all steps, from the RFP for potential buyers, to the boardroom communications, and media messaging for the public. Our team came up with the “Five Star Relationship” theme which outlined the five leading goals for the hospital merger. These goals were consistently and clearly communicated to all stakeholders.

The Results

The process took nearly nine months, but a successful merger took place with the support of an educated public and staff. It was a huge win for the Laurens County Health Care System and the community. This merger took place before the recent onslaught of joint ventures so our team faced uncharted waters and finished well.

Case Studies

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