Harvest Hope Food Bank

The Opportunity

In early September of 2018, Hurricane Florence threatened to decimate the state of South Carolina with 100+ mph winds, feet of rain, and catastrophic flooding. Harvest Hope Food Bank, a food bank that serves 20 of South Carolina’s 46 counties, saw the potential for widespread devastation and realized that it needed help.
NP Strategy was prepared to hit the ground running. In addition to partnering with Harvest Hope on advertising and fundraising efforts for several years, NP Strategy had worked around the clock to drive donations towards Harvest Hope when historic flooding struck the Midlands in 2015. As Hurricane Florence moved towards the Carolina coast, NP Strategy leveraged its experience with crisis management to ensure the public was aware of Harvest Hope’s mission and need.

The Strategy

Beginning while the storm was still several days from landing, NP Strategy worked continuously to promote Harvest Hope’s needs through social and traditional media. Harvest Hope’s social media profiles were boosted in a 20-mile radius of each of its three locations (Greenville, Florence, and Columbia) to encourage donations. NP Strategy utilized relationships with local television networks to ensure that Harvest Hope’s preparations for the storm would be featured on their programs. Our video production staff rapidly filmed, edited, and distributed short video features to reach audiences while the food bank’s need was still at the top of their minds.

The Results

NP Strategy’s proactive efforts yielded huge dividends. In less than a week, targeted advertising led to more than $50,000 in cash donations to the food bank, as well as tons of food and equipment donations. Our social media posts, videos, and local stories received attention in the Midlands and beyond, with CNN featuring Harvest Hope in a nationally-circulated story on the need for donations.
After the immediate effects of the storm subsided, NP Strategy assisted Harvest Hope in solidifying its position by exploring new avenues for targeted advertising and launching new fundraising initiatives. Between the arrival of the storm and the end of 2018, Harvest Hope managed to raise more than $4,400,000 in cash donations. We continue to work with Harvest Hope, our long-term relationship only strengthened by cooperation and trust in times of crisis.

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