Haile Gold Mine

The Opportunity

A publicly traded company seeks to reopen a large-scale gold mine in rural South Carolina. The local community, environmental groups, state and local regulators and the media ALL have questions.

The Strategy

NP Strategy devised a plan to educate everyone about this largely unknown industry in South Carolina in an honest and clear way. We worked strategically to help company leaders with stakeholder engagement by branching out beyond the local community to wider groups with statewide influence. We devised tactics to carefully engage the media and dispel rumors about the dangers of mining and we navigated the multi-year permitting process by working closely with the company’s legal team. To inform and engage the public, we launched an informational website and held numerous community gatherings.

The Results

After literally thousands of stakeholder engagements, many at large public meetings run by the federal government, the Haile Gold Mine team received the final permit to begin construction. The capital expense on this project PRIOR to production is $380 million. But the gold beneath the ground is valued in the billions.

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