Global Manufacturing Company

The Opportunity

A high-profile manufacturing company decides to locate in South Carolina and needs a local team to help introduce the company into the community and navigate regulatory groups, the community, and the media. The siting could be challenged if stakeholder groups aren’t prudently considered in the process.

The Strategy

Working with the company’s legal team, we determined that the global leader should be introduced into the rural community in a very measured way. We built our strategy around a hyper-local focus and worked diligently to maintain a low media profile. We began by delivering an in-depth report on the target community and key stakeholders. We then initiated a multi-year community engagement plan to ensure that the right people were educated about the company at the right time. We kept watch for potential “landmines” that could derail the siting and modified our plan as necessary.

The Results

The siting process successfully resulted in a multi-million dollar investment and dozens of new jobs. We cemented the foundation for the company’s positive relationship with the community by holding an open house, building trusted media relationships, celebrating a ribbon cutting ceremony, and organizing a community celebration event for this new high-tech neighbor.

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